Price Match

Price Match Policy
Price Match Terms:
If you find a Website with a price lower than ours, we will match or beat their price even if you already placed an order with us. The following conditions must be met:

⦁ The item must be brand new and in stock with our competitor. No refurbished or open/damaged box items.
⦁ We match our competitor's final price after any shipping costs, taxes or other fees.
⦁ The item being matched must be the exact same model, color, include the same components, and come with the same warranty.
⦁ We must be able to verify the price we are matching by viewing it on the competitor's website. In the event that it is a print ad we accept a faxed copy of the ad.
⦁ We will match a competitor's price before you order and up to 7 days after your order is placed.
⦁ Unfortunately, we cannot price match auctions, or eBay listings.
⦁ We do not match "Member", "Buying Group" or "Store Specific" Credit Card pricing.
⦁ Due to competitors offering "loss-leader" holiday sales, we can not price match competitors "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" holiday sales.
⦁ We also reserve the right to deny a price match on "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" sales of which we have limited quantities.
⦁ The competitor must be an Authorized Reseller for the item.
⦁ If we offer a gift with purchase or other promotion on the item, the price will be matched excluding any promotions we offer.
⦁ We reserve the right to deny a price match if the company will sustain a loss of over $50.00 by accepting the sale.

We are so sure of our pricing that approved price matches on orders over $100.00 will automatically be beat by $5.00!*

You can request a price match by e-mail or by using our convenient price match form below.

To receive a Price Match, we will need:
1. Competitor's total price, including shipping, and any other fees.
2. URL to the site where we can view the lower price.